Annual Service Project/Fundraiser


The NDWC 2018-2019 Annual Service Project/Fundraiser


Arts in Medicine Program at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

Throughout history, pictures, stories, dances, music, and drama have been central to healing. Today’s renewed focus on holistic medicine is leading to a resurgence in the knowledge and practice of incorporating the arts into healthcare services. Evidence has emerged showing how creative arts support healing. Research at the National Institutes of Health examined the effects of creative arts therapies on patients’ psychological symptoms and quality of life. The results concluded that these therapies significantly reduced anxiety, depression, and pain and improved patients’ quality of life. For these reasons, the visual, literary and performing arts are flourishing in many leading hospitals and outpatient facilities, throughout the world.

At Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, we recognize the connection between the arts and healing. Patient demand and new research on the benefits of incorporating the arts in a health care environment have driven us to create a robust and comprehensive Arts in Medicine program.

The Arts in Medicine Program at Baylor Dallas integrates music and performing arts to promote healing and enhance the lives of our patients, their families, visitors and caregivers. It also builds on community partnerships around the arts, health and medicine. Wholly supported by philanthropy, the program has grown since its launch in 2015, and now receives thousands of referrals each month from all areas of the hospital. The program is administered by professionally-trained music practitioners and art and music therapists. In addition, the program has an Open Art Studio – named the Catherine Chastain Open Art Studio – where patients are invited to participate individually or in group sessions. As word spreads about the Arts in Medicine program and the positive impact these services have, the demand is outpacing the program’s ability to meet the needs.