April’s Featured Speaker: Joyce Anderson 

A64E12B6-2CBB-4887-A7A2-A641439724BBPresentation:  “Hats Off to History”

Joyce Mize Anderson was born and raised in Northeast Alabama, a true “GRITS” (Girls raised in the South). Her mother was the epitome of the Southern Genteel Lady.

Joyce and her mother wore hats and gloves to walk to town to shop at the dime store, and they would never dream of darkening the door with the church without them – it would have been a sacrilege. Despite her mother’s intense training, Joyce was somewhat of a tomboy, and remains so today.

Joyce has over 150 hats cataloged in her computer and today is known as “The Hat Lady” in most social circles.

She will be sharing her research and knowledge on “The History of Hats” and will be presenting her program on “Let’s Hear it for Hats”!    

Everybody wear a hat!