November’s Featured Performer: Lee Skinner


Program: Katharine Hepburn- Through Her Eyes


Who knew that presenting part of  Patrick Henry’s speech, “Give me liberty or give me death“ in fourth grade would awaken the acting bug in Lee Skinner. She performed in many high school plays and remembers her portral of Mammy Yokum in L’il Abner as one of her favorites.

 When Lee, and her husband Jack, retired and settled at Lake Kiowa, Texas she was able to revive her acting skills at the Butterfield Stage Community Theater. Since 2007, she has appeared in 14 plays.

The Woman’s Club at Lake Kiowa asked Lee to make a presentation at one of their monthly meetings. Her husband suggested she write her own script about Katharine Hepburn since she is Lee’s favorite actress. With research help from her husband, Lee wrote the script for a one act play which she will perform for NDWC. The play takes place in Katharine’s home in Fenwick, Connecticut where she reveals bits of her life through stories of her past.